My name is Thomas, I am 7 and I love to be at home with my family doing my favourite things which include; rolling marbles down a ramp and throwing stones into the air or into our paddling pool.

I have some medical conditions including hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment, social communication difficulties and epilepsy. My parents know more about this but I know it means I need to take my medicine and use my splints, standing frame and do my stretches even though I hate them! 

I love my sisters but I don't like them touching or moving my favourite things, or even some things I don't like. It makes me very cross and sad when they turn the TV over or sit in my comfy seat or use my blanket. I really like riding my bike with them and chasing them and they both give great cuddles and make me laugh.

When people visit (although we haven't had anyone visit for ages) it can make me feel uncomfortable so I always ask them why they are here and when are they going. Mummy knows this is important for me to know so explains to visitors that I am not being rude, once I know I can get back to the important business of rolling my marbles down a track.

Hello, I am Thomas' mummy and I love nothing more than a big cuddle off Tom, he is a clever and funny boy who tries hard to do the right thing.

Keep smiling Thomas and tell those girls to keep off your comfy seat!