Hi I'm Leonie and I'm 12. I had a diagnosis of Autism at the age of 4 . I was diagnosed in Austria. I was non verbal at the time .

When I was 8 years of age I found my voice through reading . One of my favourite things is gaming with my friends . And making my own tic tocs. I want to be a you tuber . My passion is Acting and I have been in a few shows with the octagon theatre and other drama groups .

I am loving my horse riding at the moment and getting the confidence to ride on my own. I loved Lego club with reach .They showed me how to use it and build with it . Everyone is my friend I go to a main stream school but I'm in a ASD unit . I love to mix with main stream . People say I'm weird . I might be different but I'm no different than anyone else . I'm me .

Thank you for reading.