My name is Imaad Ahmed and I am 8 years old. My dad is going to tell you my story. 

I have 3 brothers and one sister and I’m the first one in the family. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2015 and I’m non-verbal. I communicate through pictures, visual cards and sometimes with signs. It is not easy because not everyone understand me or my condition. Therefore I get frustrated lot of times. My Mum and Dad help me a lot and they give me cuddles and calm me always.

I don’t like to be said ‘No’ or ‘Don’t ‘. It will frustrate me. I don’t like some noises and sounds. Every time Mum start the washing machine it is hard for me because I don’t like that noise. I try to close my ears or try to use ear muffles if they didn’t help I will run and cry until the machine stops.

Sometimes it is hard to sleep at night times I will awake for 3 - 4 hours at night and daddy help me go back to sleep every time I’m awake.

My sister always plays with me and she is the only friend I have. I love cycling, swimming, playing outdoors and physical activities. I like computer games and watching YouTube videos.

I don’t like lots of foods and I only like crunchy and spicy foods. Cucumbers, chips and waffles are my favourite.

There are lots of organizations such as REACH North West and others who provide necessary information, help and trainings to my Mum and Dad to look after me the best way possible.

I’m always special for them and I need their kisses and cuddles every day.