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REACH North West is a voluntary community group that supports autistic children and their families. We create individualised support packages to meet the whole families needs.

We help children to REACH their true potential by providing services that assist children to overcome communication difficulties and barriers to learning using a multi-disciplinary approach.

In addition we also provide practical advice, information, training and build partnerships with families, school and other professionals

Georgia Fraser

This is Fraser (7) and Georgia (3) both diagnosed with autism .

Fraser was diagnosed at 2 and couldnt speak until 5 , he attends a sen school and has come on leaps.and bounds! We now cannot stop.him.talking , he loves space and Disney princesses . He is very bright but struggles with emotions and social interaction .

Georgia was diagnosed just a few months ago , her speech is delayed but is coming on wonderfully . Georgia can speak more than Fraser at her age and so isnt quite as frustrated , however Georgia has significantly more sensory issues around noise and organisation. 

They both love routines and need structure which we have in our day to day life . Fraser never acknowledged  Georgia until she was 7 months and we worried , but now at 7 and 3 they are inseparable and I cant tell you the joy that brings us 

Georgia Fraser A


REACH North West provide a range of services, for families of autistic children or other learning difficulties. Our services include training sessions, support services and our 'In-home outreach' services.


Our courses are designed for both parents and children using a bespoke multi disciplinary approach. These courses have a huge impact on a child's ability to overcome many barriers and communicate effectively.

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REACH North West hire venues and provide access to environments they otherwise may not be able to access such as bowling, lunch clubs and Santa visits. These activities allow children to socialise with peers in a safe and often differentiated environment.

Social Activities

REACH North West provide parent and carers with activities that aim to bring parent and carers together and form a network of support with those that understand. The activities include lunch clubs, get togethers and workshops.


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