My name is Daisy. I am currently 6 years old and non verbal but this doesn’t mean I can’t communicate with you, you just have to know how to listen! I am trying very hard to speak but have verbal dyspraxia so it is very difficult for me, this sometimes leads to me getting a bit frustrated.

I love octonauts and have done since I was 6 months old. I love all things under the ocean. One of my favourite places is Chester zoo, I love the penguins there, the aquarium and the giraffes. I like to point at the animals and for you to tell me their names. I love water, my mummy and daddy call me a mermaid. I don’t like singing particularly on the tv so hate all things Disney except finding dory! I am not a big fan of food and only like 5 foods, this is because the texture of most foods are yucky and make me feel sick. I do love ice lollies though and in the summer can eat at least 20 a day!!

My mummy and daddy don’t mind though as they like me to keep cool. My favourite people are my nunni and grampsie, my aba tutors, my aba consultant, my mummy, daddy and my sister Heather. My little brother annoys me as he likes the same things i do and he doesn’t know how to listen to me as he is autistic too. We sometimes have big fights but we sometimes like to play the same games together like bouncing on our trampoline. I’m still learning how to play with him properly but my mummy says i will get there.

Mummy says I’m one of her biggest inspirations and that she is very proud of  me, even when I’m being cheeky!