Hi, my name is Harris.

I am 3 years old and have a diagnosis of autism. I can say quite a few words now but I struggle to use them in context, unless I’m at the zoo and then I can tell you all the animals there! I love animals! I could say Hammerhead shark before I could say mummy!

I am beginning to use words at a one word level to communicate what I want but can get frustrated as sometimes I just say the last thing you have said. I love my lessons with my tutors and will shut my mummy out of my classroom whilst saying bye, mummy says I’m cheeky but it’s just so much fun and I can’t wait to start playing and learning!

I love to bounce and run, mummy and daddy say I don’t stop! I love water play and throwing my animals in the water or lining them up to drink the water. I love music, nursery rhymes and Disney films are my favourite. Mummy always sings them to me which makes me laugh and calms me down when I feel sad.

I like to sing them too when I am sad as it helps me to calm down and I can sometimes communicate better through song. My favourite films at the moment are Frozen 2 and Finding Dory.

I also love coco melon, booba, twirlwoos, octonauts and blue planet. I love my family and mummy snuggles are the best. I have dyspraxia and this makes me very clumsy so I hurt myself a lot, mummy says I am always covered in bruises. I don’t like leaving places like the zoo and this can make me very sad. I really hate it if mummy leaves without me but I love going out with my nunni and grampsy.

I love my family but can sometimes give hugs a bit too hard, I just love hugs but don’t know my own strength.

Mummy and daddy call me the most affectionate and happy little boy they know and tell me everyday how much they love me and are proud of me.