Habib Brothers

Hello lovely friends our names are Sami and Hashim with are brothers and both have autism and learning difficulties. Our mum is going to write this for both of us .

Sami is 19 and has Autism and learning difficulties. I also have a condition called erbs palsy which affects my left arm . I need to do lots of exercise but due to my autism it was difficult to find gyms I could go to , they didn’t seem to be accessible for people with special needs especially autism . I have been working with salford leisure with support of other professionals to make the gyms more accessible. I now go to make local gym and love it . I feel like more businesses and companies need to make reasonable adjustments for people with special needs to access things .

Hashim has more complex Autism , he only says a feel words and is very sensory . He loves to self regulate which means he jumps high on the spot and flappy his hands , people are very ignorant and stare at him . Our autism affects us both very differently but we are happy and healthy and love to socially interact with others . Thank you for reading about us .

Big hugs from HABIB lads