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REACH North West is a Bolton based voluntary community group that champions autistic children, young people and their families.

We provide or run activities for autistic children such as swimming, horse riding and we provide events during the school holidays. We also offer support to our families via get parent carer togethers via our breakfast club.

In addition we also provide practical advice and support for parent/carers


Hi I’m Jaiden I’m Just 10 in March and have ASD with SPD. My Nan is my best buddy so she’ll explain a few things for me. I’m learning lots everyday but can’t write it all down I was diagnosed at the age of 3 when I continued to cable with no real words and I had typical behaviours like lining up toys and spinning. I went to a private nursery where all the nursery teachers made a huge fuss off me, but apparently my babbling continued this was the start of the EHCP journey. Everyone was so lovely and gave me lots of cuddles which I loved. My baby brother is 15 months younger and he never stopped talking and still doesn’t. Not surprising I don’t get a word in !!! I went to mainstream school and in reception I had a 1:1 TA school we’re very good and let me have time in the playground when learning became too much. I tried so hard to be like my friends but writing reading and talking just seemed impossible,

I had times when I was so frustrated I used to push my friends I think this was my way of trying to join in. I stayed at mainstream school into Juniors. My Nan and her best friend walked Hadrians wall in 3 days to raise money to help fund for tutors at home and whilst I was at school. Eventually mum won full funding for me to have 1:1 ABA tutors at school . I loved this so much and I had 2 special friends Lucy and Luca who really helped me. Sadly school felt that it was perhaps in my Best interest to move to school with similar children to me. Mum had many meetings before this happened but keeping tutors whilst at school was really difficult and if my tutor couldn’t come to be with me at my lessons I had to stay home. I moved to my new school 2 years ago. I love it they have a cycle track with real traffic lights and my teachers are so kind. I continue to have my tutor at weekends and I can now read most words and am learning to say small sentences. I’m even cheeky at times. I started horse riding this year with my brother and it’s my most favourite thing along with swimming. Lockdown has been awesome as Iv lived with nan we’ve had So much fun. I’m excited to keep learning and get even better with my words xx

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REACH North West hire venues and provide access to environments they otherwise may not be able to access such as horse riding, swimming and Santa visits. These activities allow children to socialise with peers in a safe and often differentiated environment.

Social Activities

REACH North West provide parent and carers with activities that aim to bring parent and carers together and form a network of support with those that understand. The activities include breakfast club and other get togethers.


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