Hi my name is Corey and I’m 12. I have a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD and Dyspraxia. My mum is helping me to write this. I’ve only had my diagnosis in the last 2 years but I’ve always felt different from other children. Having autism makes me sad and sometimes people don’t understand me.

I go to a special school in Lancaster, I don’t really like it and don’t think I should be in a special school but teachers and other people say I do. I struggle to make friends which makes me sad. I want friends to play out with and play Xbox one with. I hope I make friends soon.

I love going to the beach with my mum and sister and my favourite place is primrose valley near Scarborough. It makes me happy when we go , I wish we could live there. We go crabbing and we have lots of fun.

I love Man City and like to go to the matches with my mum , I hope we can do that again soon. I love my mum she is my best friend and I love my dog Magnus and my family.