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REACH North West is a voluntary community group that supports autistic children and their families. We create individualised support packages to meet the whole families needs.

We help children to REACH their true potential by providing services that assist children to overcome communication difficulties and barriers to learning using a multi-disciplinary approach.

In addition we also provide practical advice, information, training and build partnerships with families, school and other professionals


Eliza is almost 4 and she is blessed with an extra chromosome AKA Downs Syndrome.  Eliza is like any other little girl bit with a little extra attitude.

Eliza idolises her big sister India and they are the best of friends. Eliza’s favourite game is hide and seek, unfortunately she doesn’t always let us know when she is playing it which results in her going ‘missing’. 

Eliza knows her own mind and has a stubborn streak.

Eliza is a 5 Star Superstar



Hello! My name is Michael!

I am 6 years old, and I live with my Mummy and Okaa and our dog Henry. I like to call him Honry!

I have autism and something with a long name called pathological demand avoidance. I think autism causes me a lot of stressness, and it feels really weird most of all. Sometimes I get very stressed and then I "hedgehog" where I curl into a ball on the floor and go "hhhhhhhhh" (Mummy says this is called hyperventilating but I prefer my word). I struggle with it and I thought it was quite negative until my Mummy and Okaa started talking quite recently about the positives of my autism. I think being autistic means I love things more as well!

I have over 30 stuffed dogs! I love my dogs so much and Doggy especially! Doggy was made for me by my godparent Darcy and he is my favourite dog of all and I take him everywhere. I have always loved all kinds of trains but steam trains especially! I love Thunderbirds too much! We have watched every episode of Thunderbirds Are Go twenty times! I love fresh air once I've been inside for a really long time, and to me, this is a perfect world.

What I mostly like most of all is family. I love love love love love love love cuddles! I love my Okaa's weighted blanket!

My main special interest at the moment is Minecraft. Everything in Minecraft is made out of squares, I just love squares! Mostly I just love mine carts, which are trains on our Minecraft server, and furnaces in minecarts are like steam trains!

I don't like Soreen, or being told what to do, or loud noises, or going to bed, or spicy food.

Hello. I am Michael's Okaa. I think even though he is often plagued by “stressness”, his autism makes him unique and who he is, and we love him exactly the way he is.

His Mummy and I are both also autistic and whilst this sometimes results in a clash of needs it mostly means we all understand each other in a way the rest of the world doesn't.

We may not have PDA like Michael does, but we do hope we have some insight into his experience from our own.


Hi I’m Ferne and I have Autism. My Mummy knew I had special differences from the age of 3.

I was diagnosed at the age of 6 after 3 years of assessment. I don’t like having Autism and feel like people will make fun of me so I don’t tell anyone.

I go to a mainstream school but hate going. I don’t like to do any work and I miss my mummy when I’m there. I get very anxious about going to school and leaving the house. I only like to go to places that I know or that I choose to go to.

I have meltdowns at school and will cry a lot in front of the class. Usually this is because I have made a mistake on my work or find a task to difficult so get overwhelmed. I have friends at school but only like to play on my terms.

Luckily I have friends who like the same things that I do. I have an amazing memory and imagination. I say that I can actually see my imagination in front of me.

I love to learn about nature and history and can tell most adults facts about animals that they probably don’t even know about. I struggle with eye contact and will only talk about things I want to talk about even if the people I am talking to has no knowledge of the subject. I love my pets and find huge comfort in caring for them and when I grow up I want to work in a dog rescue centre or be an RSPCA Inspector.

I’m very over empathetic and can be upset about little things for a prolonged period of time. I have a 6 year old brother who also has ASD. I don’t like him very much as he screams and breaks my toys. But Daniel loves me and just wants to be with me and play in my room.

Thanks for reading my story.


Hi my name is Amy Scott and I am 9 years old. I have recently been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in March 2020.  I have been struggling for a long time before I was diagnosed, as everyone didn’t realise I had Autism. I was diagnosed as having Dyspraxia and a mild speech delay, and I manage to Socially mask for quite sometime. I was struggling in school and my mum was always trying to find ways to help me, until she researched Autism and found it sounded much like all the difficulties I was experiencing. 

However my school didn’t take this seriously and due to delays/ clinical errors I had to wait even longer to be referred to the Social Communication Pathway for diagnosis. This lead to me being unable to cope anymore with School and socially with  all the extra demands which were required from me getting older. Eventually This has lead to me finally being  unable to attend school for a year, socially withdrawing and my Sensory processing difficulties becoming extremely hard to cope with. I have anxiety and sensory processing difficulties.

The  Sensory  problems make me turn very itchy and I don’t want someone touching me. . Its very hard for me to wear clothes I feel too itchy. I don’t mind some clothes like a loose fitting nightie, but at the moment this is all I can manage. I hate loud noise too as it makes my ears really hurt. Its hard to sleep at night I sometimes have sleeping tablets called Melatonin and listen to calm music, which can help me sometimes fall asleep. I find people confusing  and hard to understand a lot this make me very anxious.

Luckily now due to my recent diagnosis I will be starting to receive the help I need, and I am being assessed for an EHCP to help me finally get all that support I need at school. I  have heard I’ll be going to a different school which will have better understanding of my difficulties. I have also just started to receive Occupational Therapy, and we hope this will eventually help me to be able to wear clothes without having problems, and help with all my sensory difficulties. For a long time  I have been very sad and anxious, but now that everyone understands and I am starting to get some help I am becoming my happier smiley self. My family love me very much, and they are starting to get happy again as they see me becoming my happy quirky self again

I live at home with my Mum & Dad, my  older sister and 2 younger brothers. My 2 younger brothers are also waiting assessment for Autism, as my parents are seeing similarities in me and my brothers. I can find being around my little brothers very difficult sometimes because they are very noisy and this makes me anxious.

Some of the things I really enjoy are playing games , being on YouTube & playing a game called gacha. I enjoy being with my family and watching anime with my sister. I also love playing in my big pool and playing on my trampoline in the garden.

One day I would like to be a youtuber when I’m older by playing games, and I look forward to when I can start going out and enjoying days out with my family again.

I have written my story with quite a bit of help from my mum.

Amy 2


My name is Thomas, I am 7 and I love to be at home with my family doing my favourite things which include; rolling marbles down a ramp and throwing stones into the air or into our paddling pool.

I have some medical conditions including hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, cortical visual impairment, social communication difficulties and epilepsy. My parents know more about this but I know it means I need to take my medicine and use my splints, standing frame and do my stretches even though I hate them! 

I love my sisters but I don't like them touching or moving my favourite things, or even some things I don't like. It makes me very cross and sad when they turn the TV over or sit in my comfy seat or use my blanket. I really like riding my bike with them and chasing them and they both give great cuddles and make me laugh.

When people visit (although we haven't had anyone visit for ages) it can make me feel uncomfortable so I always ask them why they are here and when are they going. Mummy knows this is important for me to know so explains to visitors that I am not being rude, once I know I can get back to the important business of rolling my marbles down a track.

Hello, I am Thomas' mummy and I love nothing more than a big cuddle off Tom, he is a clever and funny boy who tries hard to do the right thing.

Keep smiling Thomas and tell those girls to keep off your comfy seat!


REACH North West provide a range of services, for families of autistic children or other learning difficulties. Our services include training sessions, support services and our 'In-home outreach' services.


Our courses are designed for both parents and children using a bespoke multi disciplinary approach. These courses have a huge impact on a child's ability to overcome many barriers and communicate effectively.

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REACH North West hire venues and provide access to environments they otherwise may not be able to access such as bowling, lunch clubs and Santa visits. These activities allow children to socialise with peers in a safe and often differentiated environment.

Social Activities

REACH North West provide parent and carers with activities that aim to bring parent and carers together and form a network of support with those that understand. The activities include lunch clubs, get togethers and workshops.


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