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REACH North West is a voluntary community group that supports autistic children and their families. We create individualised support packages to meet the whole families needs.

We help children to REACH their true potential by providing services that assist children to overcome communication difficulties and barriers to learning using a multi-disciplinary approach.

In addition we also provide practical advice, information, training and build partnerships with families, school and other professionals


Hi, my name is Harris.

I am 3 years old and have a diagnosis of autism. I can say quite a few words now but I struggle to use them in context, unless I’m at the zoo and then I can tell you all the animals there! I love animals! I could say Hammerhead shark before I could say mummy!

I am beginning to use words at a one word level to communicate what I want but can get frustrated as sometimes I just say the last thing you have said. I love my lessons with my tutors and will shut my mummy out of my classroom whilst saying bye, mummy says I’m cheeky but it’s just so much fun and I can’t wait to start playing and learning!

I love to bounce and run, mummy and daddy say I don’t stop! I love water play and throwing my animals in the water or lining them up to drink the water. I love music, nursery rhymes and Disney films are my favourite. Mummy always sings them to me which makes me laugh and calms me down when I feel sad.

I like to sing them too when I am sad as it helps me to calm down and I can sometimes communicate better through song. My favourite films at the moment are Frozen 2 and Finding Dory.

I also love coco melon, booba, twirlwoos, octonauts and blue planet. I love my family and mummy snuggles are the best. I have dyspraxia and this makes me very clumsy so I hurt myself a lot, mummy says I am always covered in bruises. I don’t like leaving places like the zoo and this can make me very sad. I really hate it if mummy leaves without me but I love going out with my nunni and grampsy.

I love my family but can sometimes give hugs a bit too hard, I just love hugs but don’t know my own strength.

Mummy and daddy call me the most affectionate and happy little boy they know and tell me everyday how much they love me and are proud of me.



My name is Daisy. I am currently 6 years old and non verbal but this doesn’t mean I can’t communicate with you, you just have to know how to listen! I am trying very hard to speak but have verbal dyspraxia so it is very difficult for me, this sometimes leads to me getting a bit frustrated.

I love octonauts and have done since I was 6 months old. I love all things under the ocean. One of my favourite places is Chester zoo, I love the penguins there, the aquarium and the giraffes. I like to point at the animals and for you to tell me their names. I love water, my mummy and daddy call me a mermaid. I don’t like singing particularly on the tv so hate all things Disney except finding dory! I am not a big fan of food and only like 5 foods, this is because the texture of most foods are yucky and make me feel sick. I do love ice lollies though and in the summer can eat at least 20 a day!!

My mummy and daddy don’t mind though as they like me to keep cool. My favourite people are my nunni and grampsie, my aba tutors, my aba consultant, my mummy, daddy and my sister Heather. My little brother annoys me as he likes the same things i do and he doesn’t know how to listen to me as he is autistic too. We sometimes have big fights but we sometimes like to play the same games together like bouncing on our trampoline. I’m still learning how to play with him properly but my mummy says i will get there.

Mummy says I’m one of her biggest inspirations and that she is very proud of  me, even when I’m being cheeky! 


My name is Imaad Ahmed and I am 8 years old. My dad is going to tell you my story. 

I have 3 brothers and one sister and I’m the first one in the family. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2015 and I’m non-verbal. I communicate through pictures, visual cards and sometimes with signs. It is not easy because not everyone understand me or my condition. Therefore I get frustrated lot of times. My Mum and Dad help me a lot and they give me cuddles and calm me always.

I don’t like to be said ‘No’ or ‘Don’t ‘. It will frustrate me. I don’t like some noises and sounds. Every time Mum start the washing machine it is hard for me because I don’t like that noise. I try to close my ears or try to use ear muffles if they didn’t help I will run and cry until the machine stops.

Sometimes it is hard to sleep at night times I will awake for 3 - 4 hours at night and daddy help me go back to sleep every time I’m awake.

My sister always plays with me and she is the only friend I have. I love cycling, swimming, playing outdoors and physical activities. I like computer games and watching YouTube videos.

I don’t like lots of foods and I only like crunchy and spicy foods. Cucumbers, chips and waffles are my favourite.

There are lots of organizations such as REACH North West and others who provide necessary information, help and trainings to my Mum and Dad to look after me the best way possible.

I’m always special for them and I need their kisses and cuddles every day.

Georgia Fraser

This is Fraser (7) and Georgia (3) both diagnosed with autism .

Fraser was diagnosed at 2 and couldnt speak until 5 , he attends a sen school and has come on leaps.and bounds! We now cannot stop.him.talking , he loves space and Disney princesses . He is very bright but struggles with emotions and social interaction .

Georgia was diagnosed just a few months ago , her speech is delayed but is coming on wonderfully . Georgia can speak more than Fraser at her age and so isnt quite as frustrated , however Georgia has significantly more sensory issues around noise and organisation. 

They both love routines and need structure which we have in our day to day life . Fraser never acknowledged  Georgia until she was 7 months and we worried , but now at 7 and 3 they are inseparable and I cant tell you the joy that brings us 

Georgia Fraser A


Hi I'm Leonie and I'm 12. I had a diagnosis of Autism at the age of 4 . I was diagnosed in Austria. I was non verbal at the time .

When I was 8 years of age I found my voice through reading . One of my favourite things is gaming with my friends . And making my own tic tocs. I want to be a you tuber . My passion is Acting and I have been in a few shows with the octagon theatre and other drama groups .

I am loving my horse riding at the moment and getting the confidence to ride on my own. I loved Lego club with reach .They showed me how to use it and build with it . Everyone is my friend I go to a main stream school but I'm in a ASD unit . I love to mix with main stream . People say I'm weird . I might be different but I'm no different than anyone else . I'm me .

Thank you for reading.


REACH North West provide a range of services, for families of autistic children or other learning difficulties. Our services include training sessions, support services and our 'In-home outreach' services.


Our courses are designed for both parents and children using a bespoke multi disciplinary approach. These courses have a huge impact on a child's ability to overcome many barriers and communicate effectively.

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REACH North West hire venues and provide access to environments they otherwise may not be able to access such as bowling, lunch clubs and Santa visits. These activities allow children to socialise with peers in a safe and often differentiated environment.

Social Activities

REACH North West provide parent and carers with activities that aim to bring parent and carers together and form a network of support with those that understand. The activities include lunch clubs, get togethers and workshops.


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