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In House Outreach Crisis Service

Our ‘In home’ outreach crisis service provides one-to-one assistance based on the individual child’s needs.

Reach North West will assist children in acquiring, retaining, and improving communication or behaviour management skills whilst we also provide support, teaching and guidance to parents.

Our Supervisors will start with an initial observation and then agree targets to support your child and the family around the child. Once targets have been set our 1:1 PBS tutor will support the child and family In their own home over 12 sessions.

This outreach service runs for 12 sessions over a 3-month period.

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Family Training (On hold due to Covid-19)

In-person, individualized training provided to the child’s family on specific goals they would like to see their child achieve and to increase independence. Training will be designed and presented to fully fit your child ‘s individual needs. Training can start from ½ day training and can go up to 2 days training dependant on the goals and needs of the family and child.


Support service

Clinical Psychologist

Our support service is run by Barbara a Clinical Psychologist and is set up for anyone age 13+

The service is there to support anyone who is struggling and may need someone to talk to confidentially outside their family or friends.

The service is available on Monday's for 45- minute sessions via zoom or you can contact anytime to email chat if zoom is not for you or your child.

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