New Years Resolutions

It's that time! It's new year and with that comes new year resolutions! Wow as SEN parents we don't half like to put the pressure on ourselves!

With that in mind some tips for your 'New Years resolution'

Be Realistic

Chose something realistic! Something you may succeed in and actually achieve!

Break It Down

Once you have decided on that resolution in order to succeed break it down into small achievable steps - remember you have a year to do it!

See below - we've used some of the toughest resolutions we seem to pressure ourselves with! All great goals and definitely worth it ....

Quit Smoking

Break it down!

Slow down first! Maybe instead of 10 a day have 9 for a week or until you no longer notice you've missed one - see the 1 cigarette left in your box as success

Then the following week move to 8 and so on. As long as you break the task down, whichever way you choose, you are more likely to succeed!


Another biggy for us mums and dads on the go! So maybe rather than think 'I'm cutting out that that and that' try 'I'm adding in' more veg and fruit etc - as you add more of the good stuff you'll need less of the bad! Break it down! Remember not to go all 'take it out' and let's go all 'I'm adding it in!'


Start off maybe with one new class a week! Maybe don't go full out gym membership if that's failed in the past - remember small achievable steps equal success! Try a class with friends where you feel comfortable first and build up over the year - or join a walking group with friends too.

Time For You

Remember to self care! Make sure your resolutions don't add pressure but see you more happy and taking time for yourself

That could be 15 mins a day that's yours! Don't book anything in - nothing must cross with your time.

That could also be once a month you go out with friends or your partner - organise it each month and don't let anything infringe on that time!

It could be a bath by yourself at a time the kids aren't around - get your partner to watch them if they are - don't rush take your time and enjoy the you time!

New Years resolutions can sometimes be pressure and failure but only if you set them up to be .....

Small goals - small achievable steps - break it down - be realistic - take your time and success is yours!

Happy new year to you all

Go smash your goals

Reach NW are here if you need help breaking any goals down and setting achievable goals for yourself or your child - join our Facebook group and we are always contactable via the contact us on the website!

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Happy New Year!

Team Reach NW 

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