The war against screen time!

Amid the Covid 19 pandemic we are all spending a lot more time at home, which naturally means an increase in the usage of screen time for everybody! Now don't get me wrong there are some pros to screen time! The iPad/ tablet (other brands are available) can in fact be our saviour! Technology has made it possible to have lots of fun, educational act...

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Back To School

It's that time! it's the first week back to school already which means back to school preparation is in final swing for many of us. This is a first! Back to school after around 6 months off! During a pandemic! To help with the anxiety this may cause for children and parents we have a few tips for you. Going back to school at such a time after isola...

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10 Things that special needs parents want you to know but don’t say…..

Sometimes there are things we don't like to openly admit as special needs parents, we keep them close to our chests…so here goes...  1. We are are not Superheroes! We hate it when people say, 'we don't know how you do it' We don't want to hate it, but we do, we want to take it as the compliment you meant to deliver it with, but we can't. ...

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