Vanessa Haydock

My name is Vanessa Haydock, a certified BCBA, with a Master’s degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis and a first class undergraduate degree in Psychology. I have over eight years experience in the field of ABA and Autism, whereby I started off as a therapist, now working as an independent BCBA/consultant.

I implement, analyse and assess ABA programmes to help children with ASC overcome barriers that they may face when it comes to learning or communicating, providing them with important life skills to be as independent as possible in their environment.

I am also a qualified personal trainer and health coach, using ABA principles to help modify and improve healthy behaviours amongst adults and children.

The reason I am involved with Reach North West is because it’s an amazing charity and I want to continue to motivate and professionally guide as many families/parents as possible to help their little ones reach their full potential, as well as open up the doors for families to the world of ABA and its benefits.

I love their passion and aspirations they have for every child they work with and I also believe in their values and goals to provide ABA to all that wish to try it.

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