Jeff 2Hello, I'm Jeff 'The Website Guy'.

This is now the third project I've worked on with Linzi, the first being to raise money for dog rescues, the second was Autism Support UK which was very successful. Reach North West is now a rebranding of ASUK to more specifically target the North West of England. 

Autism Support UK had a fantastic team of professionals and volunteers that worked tirelessly behind the the scenes to make the project as successful as it was. Now Linzi has somehow managed to gather an even stronger team of professionals and volunteers, with the line up that Reach North West has I can only see the project being an even bigger success than ASUK was.

Through Linzi I have got to know some of the ladies behind Reach North West. The work ethic that is put into this project is astonishing, no one sees how much work has to go on behind the scenes to get Reach North West to function as it does.

It is now my opinion after working with Linzi and the team of volunteers that something very special is happening at Reach North West.

Now I couldn't be happier to help in a small way to help progress Reach North West. Having seen the hard work Linzi and all the volunteers put into Reach North West it is something to behold, and if I can play a small part in their success and maybe help a few kids along the way then it makes what I do so much more worthwhile.

So when you and your child come along to any the Reach North West events you will find a professional set up that is based on a warm friendly environment, that is always fun for the children and parents involved.