LouiseHi, I'm Louise, an ABA Supervisor here at Reach North West. I have just over six years experience in the field of ABA and have worked with a diverse range of children across multiple settings including homes, schools, nurseries and ABA centres.

I began my training back in 2006 after completing my Psychology degree at Lancaster University. After working as a Lead Tutor for two years, I moved out to Australia where I spent 18 months in a Senior Therapist role, followed by 2 and a half years at Case Manager level.

I relocated back to the UK in 2012 and took a 3 and a half year break to focus on raising my two young boys. I returned to the ABA world in September 2015 as a Room Leader for Autism Support UK and quickly moved to the Supervisor Role. I have now enrolled to begin studying for a masters in ABA.

I have seen first hand the positive changes that high quality ABA can bring to children with autism and their families and I am passionate about the work that Reach North West does, pushing for wider access to much needed services for families across the UK. Having been blown away by some of the progress made during the first few cohorts I am very excited to see what the future will bring for Team Reach North West!