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Toni Hallet

Hi my name is Toni Hallett. I am mum to three beautiful children. My eldest and youngest child both have non verbal autism. We have been doing ABA with my daughter for 3 years and my son has had it for 6 months. Both are early intervention VBMAPP programmes. We decided to try ABA after we were told by NHS SLT at the age of 2 that my daughter would never talk! I didn’t want to give up on Daisy like that and with little support in the NHS, I researched and found ABA. We love it. It has helped my children to have a voice, be able to play and just be happier. I became a volunteer because I don’t want families to go through the same struggle we did. It is a scary time and very lonely. I want to help more families find hope and support them in their journey. I am also very passionate about spreading the food that ABA does and helping more children progress. I am so very honoured to be asked to be a volunteer for Reach Northwest.

Before I became a mummy, I was a high school Science teacher. I really enjoyed teaching children as I got to help them reach their potentials and open up the world of science to them. Now I am a full time carer to Daisy and Harris. I run both their ABA programmes, attend all training and graph their data. I am talk tools level two trained and have some training in PECS. We also use proloque2go.

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